Jason Lewis

Emily Tow Jackson Chair in Oncology, Professor and Vice Chair, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, New York

Jean-Luc has been a collaborator for over 10 years. He is dedicated and he is always knowledgeable. The role he has played in the expanding role of molecular imaging cannot be understated. He is a visionary and as such has become a key opinion leader with societies, Pharma and academia.

Robert Gillies

Vice-Chair, Radiology, Moffitt Cancer Center, Tampa, Florida

Jean-Luc is a very well informed and highly ethical scientist. As a colleague, he has been very helpful in providing me with his unvarnished opinion about proposed research approaches.

Gustav von Schulthess

Chairman Dept. Med. Radiology, University Hospital Zurich

Jean-Luc has always been extremely helpful when it came to negotiate the intricacies of a huge company. Explaining the issues at hand to him helped us to navigate properly and solve them expediently. Jean-Luc has great personal skills and makes a customer feel at ease, understood and taken seriously.

Steven Larson

Chief, Nuclear Medicine Service, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, New York

Jean-Luc is highly knowledgeable in Molecular Imaging and radiopharmaceutical development, both in terms of chemistry and application. In addition he is well connected in the Molecular Imaging community. He is respected for his experience in the field. He is well liked, highly dependable and known for honoring his commitments.

Paul Kinahan

Professor of Radiology, University of Washington, Seattle

Jean-Luc and I worked together for several years on negotiating scientific research contracts between industry and academia. This was challenging work due to several factors including the complex research environment, multiple deliverables, overlapping priorities, and a shifting regulatory landscape. Through all of this he demonstrated effective group leadership by retaining the vision of the priorities for academia, research, and industry. At the same time he was able to focus on the necessary steps for the critical path to completion.

Walter Wolf

Distinguished Professor, University of Southern California

His ability to bring a rigorous scientific approach to the imaging industry and educating his colleagues on the importance of chemistry in the development of clinically useful agents has always been unique.

Francis Blankenberg, M.D.

Associate Professor of Radiology & Pediatrics, Stanford University

J-L is a highly skilled radiochemist and molecular imaging scientist. It is hard to find a radiochemist and molecular imaging scientist with such a breath of practical experience in preclinical and clinical radiotracer development that includes a very successful track record of GMP production and FDA compliance experience.


Farrah Tuttle

Project Manager, PDI Ninth House

Jean-Luc is very eager to participate and facilitate educational opportunities to help promote education and awareness in the field. He is exceptionally well connected and well informed, and above all he is a genuinely fantastic person and professional.

Gail Rodriguez

Executive Director, Medical Imaging & Technology Alliance, MITA

Working with Jean-Luc on biomarker policy issues was tremendously rewarding. His contributions to the industry are significant as his talents are twofold: he has not only strong technical and research skills, but also an ability to think strategically and anticipate market needs. Jean-Luc is a true leader.

Marybeth Howlett

Senior Director, External Affairs, Avid Radiopharmaceuticals
Former Managing Director, Society of Nuclear Medicine

I have always valued Jean-Luc’s strategic insights on both business and scientific matters. He is an innovator and consensus seeker who always looked for the “win-win”

Michael Tweedle

Professor, The Ohio State University
Former President and CEO, Bracco Research USA and Former President of SNIDD

JL is a serious intellectual with both academic and commercial experience. It is an unusual combination and even more unusual to be so good at both. He works very hard and adds value to every effort in which I was involved with him. He manages people well, also, when he is leading and making decisions as well as being a team member.

Business GE

Lynne Gailey

Independent Director at Francis Crick Institute
Former Global Communication Leader, GE Healthcare

Jean-Luc as a knowledgeable research scientist who is able to communicate complex scientific theories using simple understandable language that can be easily understood by non-scientists. Jean-Luc has superior communication skills. He is highly motivated, enthusiastic and energetic.

Giri Iyer

Chief Executive Officer, Iyer Innovations, LLC
Former General Manager, Strategic Development, GE Healthcare

Jean Luc is a market visionary and thought leader in the Molecular Diagnostics space. He also has great passion for creating new markets for products and services for companies looking to find new growth opportunities. I strongly recommend JL to healthcare companies looking for growth leaders.

Eric Agdeppa

Executive Director of Innovation, Hill-Rom Former Global Molecular Imaging Scientist, GE Healthcare

For more than six years I have worked with Jean-Luc and have seen his mastery of molecular imaging as a scientist and innovator. That expertise is seen through his ability to publish original work on apoptosis, author review articles on radiopharmaceutical development, enable collaborations between GE and academia, and drive the field forward as part of industry panels and boards. I have admired his curiosity and problem solving ability both of which mesh well with his uncanny ability to seek global solutions in molecular imaging and personalized medicine.

S. Marshall Poindexter

Chief Communications and Marketing Officer
Former Senior Leader, Global Corporate Communications and PR, GE Healthcare

Jean-Luc is able to bridge the deep scientific expertise he has with a clear understanding of how to grow a business. In addition, he can easily explain complex scientific and biotechnical topics to customers, the media, employees, and other key stakeholders. His scientific acumen in pharmacy and radiochemistry could be very valuable to research or academic groups that seek to understand how best to commercialize products in those areas. He also has a strong range of experience that could assist in the human evaluation of translational diagnostics. But most importantly he has a passion for scientific advancement leading to improved patient care. It is Jean-Luc’s innate ability to wield the power of science to help companies create products that clinicians can use to diagnose and treat disease earlier that sets him apart from his peers.

Connie Gorden

Regulatory Affairs, University of Colorado Cancer Center
Former Program Manager and Business Development, Wi Inc.

Jean-Luc is a technical expert who shares his knowledge willingly and graciously. His leadership skills are fortified with composure and integrity.

John D’Antico

General Counsel, Ryan & Associates, Inc.
Former Senior IP Counsel, GE Healthcare

For me, one phrase comes to mind when I think of Jean-Luc: “consummate scientist.” At the drop of a hat, he will share his time –and knowledge – with you, and simply for the asking! And if Jean-Luc attends your meeting, the meeting is instantly better off because of it.

Micheal Haimour

General Manager, Global Field Research Programs GE Healthcare

Jean-Luc has exceptional ability to simplify and explain complex scientific concepts. He is very experienced in working with academic institutions. Always willing to go above and beyond to help meet customers’ needs.

Business Theseus

Philip Fantasia

President, Fantasia Consulting Associates LLC

J-L successfully managed the research and development of a chemically challenging new linker arm for annexin as well as its reformulation during a critical part of the IND clinical program persevering thorough many difficult challenges in radiochemistry and quality under a very tight budget. He has exceptional management skills, organizing a radiochemistry lab, hiring and retaining a very talented group of scientists… I highly recommend J-L for high level scientific and business roles that make best use of his excellent skills.

Business Mallinckrodt

David Morra

Adjunct Faculty, Cairn University Former Vice President, Mallinckrodt/Tyco

As the leader of my Nuclear Medicine R&D team, Jean-Luc enthusiastically contributed the important balance between the scientific promise of new products and the business realities of budgets, timelines and ROI. He brought new life to a dispirited program, rebuilding it with projects that had great promise for cost effectively improving patient care through earlier diagnoses and treatment.

Brent Barron

President and Chief Executive Officer, NGAGE-US
Former Senior Director of Marketing, Imaging, Mallinckrodt Medical Inc.

The leadership Jean-Luc has demonstrated has been a refreshing reminder of his high caliber thinking style and very engaging interpersonal style. He demonstrates maturity, enthusiasm and sound judgment in inspiring new ways. He demonstrates a consistently thorough grasp of the science related to any project. Since our work together was primarily focused on new drug development or M&A activity, I gained a deep appreciation for his empathy and understanding of the business aspects. He could evaluate technology scientifically while completely supporting return on investment analyses. J-L is pleasant to work with, drives team progress and cooperation, and leads with enthusiasm. I strongly recommend his work based on our extensive professional experience together.