21 Feb

Experts meet on State-of-the-Art Molecular Imaging in Cancer Biology and Therapy

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JLVMI Consulting is a privately held consulting company that supports the development of molecular imaging agents from discovery and development through early stage clinical trials and commercialization. It also specializes in research and laboratory management for total safety and compliance.

What We Do

We provide consulting in the areas of pharmacy, radiochemistry and radiopharmacy of imaging agents, including Chemistry, Manufacturing and Controls, Pharmacology and Toxicology sections of IND’s, ANDA’s and DMF’s, covering PET and SPECT agents as well as other metabolic imaging agents (small molecules, antibodies and fragments, peptides, recombinant DNA proteins).

In this patient with high-grade glioma, two PET tracers are compared using MRI co-registration: F-18 FLT, a thymidine analog with good correlation with Ki-67 proliferation, and F-18 FET, FluoroEthylTyrosine, an amino acid tracer. FLT was negative in tumors with no or moderate contrast enhancement on MRI. In contrast, FET was found in over 60% of the cases with uptake beyond areas of cT1, identifying areas of metabolically active tumors needed for therapy guidance.
From Nowosielski M et al (2014) PLoS ONE. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0095830

Who We Are

We are expert in scientific, commercial and research analyses related to advanced technologies involving all forms of imaging, isotope supply worldwide and radiation therapy.

A PET tracer serving as a guide for novel radiation therapy treatment. In this example, FDG PET scan of a breast cancer patient shows two lung metastases. Under single-setup, single-isocenter conditions, the dose to both tumors can be increased by a mean 13.4% using the PET guided RefleXion treatment planning simulation as compared to IMRT approach.
From RefleXion Medical Inc, http://www.reflexionmedical.com/#!solution/c209t

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Here is what our clients have to say

"I have had the pleasure of working with Jean-Luc over the past several years. I have always valued his strategic insights on both business and scientific matters. One of his best recommendations was that we all read the "Tipping Point" prior to a strategic planning session on molecular imaging. He is an innovator and consensus seeker who always looked for the "win-win". I look forward to working with him in the future."

Marybeth Howlett /// Managing Director, Society of Nuclear Medicine

"I had the pleasure of working with Jean-Luc for several years. Jean-Luc has exceptional ability to simplify and explain complex scientific concepts. He is very experienced in working with academic institutions. Always willing to go above and beyond to help meet customers’ needs. I strongly recommend Jean-Luc."

Micheal Haimour /// Executive Client Director, GE Healthcare
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